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Employee Engagement Survey and Strategy

At Aon, we’re proud of our track record in enhancing employee engagement to drive workforce performance through our employee surveys and employee engagement consulting. We can partner with you to measure and improve your employee engagement. We offer a suite of customized and off-the-shelf employee survey options that provide the right degree of flexibility and cost-effectiveness for you, no matter what your requirements are.

We can help you improve employee engagement:

  • Measure your organization's employee engagement with a survey at every point of the employee lifecycle to enable a continuous dialogue
  • Make engagement happen through our proven engagement model
  • Provide benchmarks against credible and insightful industry norms across the Middle East
  • Facilitate bespoke action planning workshops to prioritize identified initiatives to improve employee engagement levels
  • Gain invaluable insights through our online reporting and action planning platform
  • Make employee engagement a core business strategy, not just a HR initiative
  • Enhance your employer brand through our ‘Aon Best Employers program

Why is employee engagement important?

To achieve extraordinary results, your organization needs a healthy culture and a team willing to put forth their best effort every day. That may seem obvious, but it is by no means easy. The difference between winning and losing can be as simple as which team is most engaged. Aon's Global Culture & Engagement Practice helps organizations move from ordinary levels of employee engagement to extraordinary levels. Our global consulting expertise and benchmarking data along with our employee lifecycle measurement technology will ensure that your team’s engagement accelerates to the extraordinary.

Employee engagement research

In the last five years, we've conducted employee engagement research representing a vast cross-section of the market. Our research comprises of white papers with expert insights as well as our Best Employers comprehensive database that supports us in identifying the best in-class people practices.

Employee Engagement surveys - creating a continuous dialogue

Evolving employee expectations as well as a quicker speed of business require that employers completely change the way they think about keeping employees engaged and understanding the employee experience. While most employers have embraced the idea of employee engagement, only few progressive organizations are embracing a continuous dialogue, the process of gathering feedback more broadly across the employee lifecycle and at much more frequent intervals. Our employee engagement surveys and technologies can collect data from candidates even before they are employees and can extend after the employee leaves the company. These employee surveys can be long or short, and offered as frequently as every day, if necessary, or at specific times in an employee lifecycle. Learn more

Aon's Employee Engagement Model 

Our research shows that engaged employees: Say consistently positive things about their organization, Stay with the organization for the long haul, and Strive to put in the extra effort needed to succeed. Understanding what factors (or dimensions) directly affect these 3 behaviors is the basis of an engagement model. This allows you to identify the paths to enhanced employee engagement levels in your organization, so you can take decisions and act strategically. Learn more 

Employee engagement action planning and reporting

Aon's Modern Survey Platform is a cloud-based workforce measurement software that combines feedback, benchmarks and data from enterprise systems to elucidate the correlation between employee engagement and company success.

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